Our Story


Eleos For Nations

Was inspired by a fasting prayer conducted on August 2008 inspired by the scripture Luke 1:78 & 79… because of the “tender mercy” of our God. Eleos is a Greek word, meaning tender mercy. God has been miraculously helping our ministries with his divine care, provision, and protection.

Proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, EFN is conducting mission works in 5 states located in 19 districts the northern part of India. Uttar Pradesh (UP), Punjab, Bihar, Odisha and Uttarkhand. We have 55 full-time ministers ministering now 129 churches and conduct around 21 cell groups. Our missionaries are currently working in 362 villages.

Apart from spreading the gospel, EFN supports two of our children who have graduated from 12th grade have dedicated their lives to full-time ministry and are currently enrolled for Bachelor in Theology for the past 3 years.

As an extension to Christian love and the opportunity to spread the gospel, we provide breakfast and the word of God at Wayside Homeless Center in Elgin, Illinois. God also enabled EFN to establish a church: Eleos Full Gospel Church in Chicago on November 17, 2013.

We are thankful to all prayer partners, well-wishers for your prayers and support for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

All glory and honor to the Almighty God.